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While skin care solutions, tips and treatments are busy hogging all the limelight, foot care usually takes a backseat. Taking care of your feet doesn’t have to be a tedious or expensive feat. With Tevore’s FootVerve Foot Spa Massager, you can bring home the luxury of a foot spa experience, forever! The electric foot spa massager is designed to help your feet reap the benefits of a pedicure — deep cleansing, massage and exfoliation. Your feet take you where you want to go and so they deserve all the care and love you can give. Take a step towards healthy and happy feet!

Tevore recognises the need to keep pace with your foot care needs and brings to the table an innovation that takes foot care ahead by leaps and bounds. The FootVerve Foot Spa Massager makes foot care accessible, easy and practical. No more expensive spa bills, no need of experts or specialists. Be your own foot masseuse with this amazing electric foot spa massager.