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Hand Hygiene Tips To Stay Safe In Public Places During COVID-19 Times

Among all the possible common infections that spread, the infection due to Covid-19 tops the list. The risk of one coming in contact with the virus in public places is high. While the health associations are taking a lot of precautions to fight the spread, we the people can follow some hygiene tips to control the virus spread in offices and other public places. 


1. Start Wearing Gloves – Social distancing is the one of the best precautions that can be taken to fight COVID-19. Apart from keeping two feet of paper from each other, the other most important precaution that you can take is to watch when you touch. The virus is not air borne and often is found seated on any kind of object. The best way to avoid it is to keep your hands safe. Start practicing the habit of wearing a pair of gloves along with masks.

2. Watchout Before you Eat – We’ve been learning how and went to wash hands right from our school days. However, you need to be more particular about it now. Wash hands in public places only if they have automatic water taps and automatic soap dispensers. No matter how well you protect your hands, it is always safe to wash it before you are snacking on something in the public. Remember that the sanitizer that you use is alcohol based and immediately touching food when you use it is not a good practice.

Shaking hands

3. Shaking Hands is no Longer a Good Habit – We have been shaking hands when we greet anyone but this is no longer what you are supposed to do. If you are accidently shake hands with a Covid-19 infected person in public, you might get the disease from him. Always remember that your hands are the common carriers of the virus and you need to pull back your hand before touching. A warm greeting with words or a bow can be the key to greet someone in the pandemic. 

automatic soap dispenser

4. Opt for an Automatic Soap Dispenser – While washing hands becomes a healthy practice, you need to opt for an automatic soap dispenser in public washrooms and office spaces. The same soap dispenser can be used as a no-touch sanitizer dispenser too. In this way, there will be no contact of the virus that can possibly spread when all the people use the same ordinary soaps and sanitizer bottles that need the help of your hands to be poured out. 

dollars and cards

5. Stop Using Your Dollars and Cards – Stop using your money? Well, you heard it right. Stop hitting the ATMs and exchanging notes as this can spread the Covid-19 virus. Stick to online transactions through apps and net banking. This is a precaution that has to be taken to prevent the risk of the Covid-19 virus spread. Keep your wallets inside and take out your phones to make money transfers.

These are the most important hand hygiene tips that you need to be following in public. Do you wish to get an automatic soap dispenser for your homes and offices? Get it from here and stay safe from the virus.

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