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Simple Hacks To Have A Spa-Like Pedicure At Home

Quarantines and lockdowns have made room for a lot of positive and negative changes in our life. While we try staying positive during this pandemic, the worst fears emerge when we look at the fact of not hitting the spas. Spas have been very crucial to men and women. Are you missing your good old spa days? What is your favorite spa treatment that you are desperately missing? If you say it is a pedicure, here is the best solution for you. 

Pedicure At Home Is Possible:

Pedicures are essential unless you do not want your feet to look like that of a goon. This pampering and nourishing feet treatment is one of the most sought treatment at any spa across the globe. What you need to know is that you can pamper your feet with a great pedicure session at home too. It works wonders for you if you do it the right way. If you love your feet as much as your face, this blog is what you have been looking for!

Hacks To Have A Successful Home Pedicure Session:

Pedicure Foot Spa Machine

1. Get A Pedicure Foot Spa Machine – If you are keen on having a pedicure session that is far better than the ones you have at spas, start with getting a portable foot spa and massager for your feet. This massager can help you soak your feet in the water of the suitable temperature and simultaneously work as a deep tissue foot massager. It can help you soak your feet until your rough skin softens easily, and also relieve your feet’s pain and strain.

Epsom Salt

2. Epsom Salt Is An Add-on To Foot Massager Machine – A good home pedicure session or a pedicure done at the spa does not end with your feet looking clean and beautiful. It is supposed to be a holistic treatment to relieve your feet pain and strain too. The best way to free your feet from all the pain and strain is to add Epsom salt in the pedicure foot spa machine. Epsom salt is a natural pain reliever and you can give your feet its strength once again.

Home Pedicure Tools

3. Get All Your Home Pedicure Tools Ready – An effective home pedicure session is possible if you have the right pedicure tools. Are you the one who watches the pedicure session happening at the spa, or the one who puts on the headphones and dozes off to sleep during your pedicure? Do not fret if you have not observed the pedicure tools. All you need is a nail kit with polishes, a heel kit that includes a foot file and pumice stone, the pedicure foot spa machine, feet masks, and moisturizers for feet. Keep all your tools handy before you soak your feet inside the foot massager machine.


4. Pay Attention To Your Heels – Rough heels can lead to cracked ones no sooner. Your heels need a lot of attention and you need to exfoliate it until it turns smooth. Get a steel foot file to scrap the excess dead skin and then use a pumice stone to smoothen it. For effective results, soak your feet inside the foot massager machine for quite a while and make sure the water is a little hot. You can add some soap to the water for cleaner feet.

5. A Feet Mask Works Wonders – Your feet and face get equally tanned when you are exposed to sun. Sun tan can be evidently seen on your feet because you are not a peacock and care a little less for your legs. The best way to remove sun tan and brighten your feet is to use a good feet mask. Buy a feet mask that is enriched with fruits or has rice as one of its composition.This can make your feet look beautiful. Apply the feet mask after you soak your feet in the pedicure foot spa massager and exfoliate it.


6. Your Nails Need All Care Too – One golden rule to feet that look beautiful is – Never Clip Or Do Your Nails Without Soaking It! Your nails need high attention and a lot of care. When you do your nails without soaking them in water and softening them, they may get into a haphazard shape. Keep your nail filing and clipping session at the end of your home pedicure session after it is well-soaked in the pedicure foot spa machine. Do not forget to apply your base coat before smearing your favorite nail color on your nails. 

These are the best tips that you can follow to have a great spa-like home pedicure session any time and any day. Try them and keep your feet as beautiful as ever!

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