Tips To Use A Beard Straightener

Tips To Use A Beard Straightener And Tame That Frizzy Long Beard

Are you among those who love to sport a beard right up to your neck? The only thing that stops you from having a long beard is the frizz and dryness your beard has. Well, just like women have hair straighteners, technology has blessed men with beard straightening brushes to smoothen and straighten the frizzy beard. One of the best grooming products is the Ederra Beard Straightener. Although such products are easily accessible, you might have a hitch to use it. You would prefer getting your beard straightened by a professional or might as well keep it trimmed. 

Stop spending extra money on some beard professional or compromising on your looks because here are the best grooming tips to grow your beard long with the help of the Ederra Beard Straightener. 

Beard Grooming Hacks For A Long Beard

Ederra Beard Straightener

1. Get to know how to use the Ederra Beard Straightener – The Ederra Beard Straightener comes with an easy-to-use handle and a heating brush that can easily glide through the long beard hair and head hair. This grooming tool has different heat control options to help you control the temperature. You can keep it low if your beard is soft or a little high to straighten and smoothen the long rough beard. This high-quality electric beard straightener is 100% safe and smoothes your rough beard like a professional to make it look straight and long. 

Prep up to straighten

Prep Up to Straighten the Beard at Night – A little conditioning of your frizzy beard is needed before you plan to straighten it using the Ederra Beard Straightener. Condition your beard the previous night or before hitting the shower with good beard oil. Argan oil or olive oil works the best for rough beards as it keeps the beard hydrated and makes it shine. Dab some oil on a cotton ball and apply it on your beard right from its root to the tip. Wash your beard clean before you begin to use the Ederra Beard Straightener.

Beard straightening

3. Do Not Use Any Serums on Products While Straightening with Ederra Beard Straightener – The Ederra Beard Straightener needs to be used on a clean and dry beard. Do not try using the straightener on wet beard hair on the beard or on a beard with any kind of styling serum or conditioning oil on it. Wash and dry up your beard with a dryer and then straighten it using the Ederra Beard Straightener

beard hydrated

4. Keep Your Beard Hydrated After You Straighten It – The best way to straighten your beard and keep it soft always is to use a nourishing serum after you completely straighten it. An aloe vera-based serum works the best to keep your beard hydrated so that the hair tip ends up split ends. Any good styling serum that has natural and safe composition can work wonders in keeping your beard soft and smooth for the longest time. If you are planning to have a long beard, wash your hair with a beard shampoo so that the beard remains soft and hydrated always. 

These are the simple grooming tips that you can try out with the Get this amazing and 100% safe product home to have a soft and long beard. Buy it here!

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