Fluir soap dispenser

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The automatic and untouchable soap dispenser is a step to improve hygiene at home and public places and stay away from germs.

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  • A state-of-the-art automatic liquid soap/sanitizer dispenser that enables you and your family a safe and “touch-free” handwashing experience. 
  • It is compatible with other forms of liquid soap such as dish soap, foaming soaps, shampoos, etc.
  •  It can also be used to store sanitizers and moisturizers and has a storage capacity of 250ml (standard). 
  • Its bottom is affixed with a slip-proof rubber base that makes sure that the soap dispenser stays put even on wet surfaces and countertops.
  • This innovative contraption comes with a built-in infra-red motion sensors & PIR sensor detection technology that will detect your hand movements with precision. 
  • The automatic soap dispenser is powered by 4 AAA alkaline batteries which are easy to install. 
  • It will smoothly last up to six months as it consumes minimal energy, therefore great on power-saving. 

Also, you can fill/refill this hands-free auto soap dispenser yourself & regulate the dispensed volume with the ON/OFF- buttons that are placed at the top.


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