Lissom Body Slimming Machine

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Quick weight loss and skin reinvigoration machine that keeps you slim in the easiest way.The device works for all the parts of the body including hips, thighs, belly, and arms.


  • It is a body slimming machine that reduces your excess body weight. The weight loss function makes it an efficient and advanced fat burner and fat remover tool with its own unique skin care functions.
  • Being one of a kind beauty machine, Lissom body slimmer tones and firms your skin. Lissom body slimmer with its skin care function acts on your skin pores and acts as a blackhead remover and acne remover. 
  • Its ion exchange feature also makes it an excellent anti-ageing beauty product that provides you with young and clear skin.
  • As there are 5 modes of EMS, in one device, you get to enjoy the benefits of a body massage machine and a self-care tool with skin care, body care and weight loss function – in one single device.
  • Due to the ion generation technology, it is much more efficient than other dedicated acne removers and blackhead removers.


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