Promusc massager gun

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This safe and effective massage gun can be used at home to deal with chronic body and muscle pain. It can help to alleviate pain instantly and in the long run without having to seek professional help.


  • This handheld body massager and can be used for full body massage and to get relief from back pain and lower back pain.
  • Its 4 interchangeable massage heads are specially designed for neck and back massages, making it different from the other massagers and massage tools available in the market. 
  • Point shaped massage head for Relief from deep tissue damage; Flat shaped massage head to relax muscles; 
  • Ball-shaped massage head targets muscle groups like waist and buttocks; and Fork shaped massage head gives relief from neck pain and spine aches. 
  • Equipped with 24V Brushless high-torque motor to provide adequate pressure on the muscles. Its Unique Quiet Glide technology ensures that it operates silently through 3 speeds, producing around 35dB – 55dB.
  • Its Nylon 66 and glass fibre body enhanced with Anti-Drop Shell Technology helps it withstand fall from 6ft height. It makes the massager durable and safe. 
  • ProMusc’s Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery helps you enjoy 3 hour-long medical massages after a full charge.


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